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Cadwell's Journal: Famous Coldharbourites

Sir Cadwell

The ruins of old Aba-Darre serves as the home of the misunderstood monster, Sthorha the Crazed.

Oh, the fiesty daedroth can be a bit testy, and we've certainly gone a round or two over the years, but she can be brilliantly affectionate if given half the chance.

Like now.

She's affectionately gnawing on my foot.

Good daedra!

Honor sometimes plays with Duriatundur. He loves to grab hold of a rib and just shake and shake!

Maybe that's why Duriatundur runs when he sees the old chap …

What a fun group! I love visiting with Nolagha, Keggahiha, and Rsolignah at the Daedroth Larder.

But don't eat the snacks. They may be someone we know.