Ophelia’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ophelia

We lost Sergeant Marceau today. Poor Henri! The traps in the barrow finally caught him. I feel quite bad about it, even though I barely knew the man. I was about to step onto a hidden pressure plate when he noticed and pulled me out of the way, but he lost his balance and set it off himself. It was awful. And just this morning, I was having a conversation with him about how he arranges his kit. How depressing.

Valcent’s eagerness and pride when we first got this assignment has turned into something else entirely. When he learned of this crypt, he was adamant we explore it. Henri’s death didn’t even phase him. He demanded we leave the poor man’s body where it fell and continue our mission.

I don’t understand how Valcent hopes to turn the barrow’s dead into an army. We were sent here to build local opposition to King Jorunn, but Valcent feels this will advance our cause in some way I can’t begin to understand. I don’t know what Valcent is up to.

For the moment, we’re just waiting. The door to the next chamber is locked, and Owen is crafting a key to open it. I convinced Owen to make a copy of the key for me. I don’t trust Valcent, and I believe in making sure there’s always a contingency. That’s the Covenant way.

That’s why I’m hiding the key inside this journal.

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