Grenetta’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Grenetta


Luck has finally turned my way. Some drunk knob in Daggerfall was celebrating his betrothal and joined our card game. The fool was so sure of his hand he put up the betrothal ring he was carrying. I won! I took my winnings right then and headed out of town. You never know with rich folk—he might have sent someone after me to take the ring back. But I won it fair and square. I never cheat at cards.

I need to get back to base and prepare dinner for the crew. They have been fair to me, but I’m no robber or outlaw. I’m a cook. If I can fence this pretty ring, buy myself some decent clothes, clean myself up a bit, maybe I can get hired in a proper tavern or inn.


That rogue Patrel brought in a giant egg and asked me to make a big omelet. I can’t be sure, but I think it might be a harpy egg. That seems like a terrible idea! I know they are birds, but maybe they are a little bit people, too? It’s creepy. I’m going to tell one of the others to take it away.

Tomorrow, before dawn, I’m getting out of here. I’m reinventing Grenetta Fassel.

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