Torvesard’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Torvesard

Memory is fleeting, inconsistent. Hence, I have decided to take up quill and ink in the manner of mortals and record my thoughts. In case what I fear has occurred in the past happens again, Oblivion forbid.
* * *
I have always been filled with glorious purpose, even if the specifics of that purpose have yet to be made clear to me. A compulsion drives me. An unrelenting desire to right a wrong that I am sure was perpetrated but remains out of focus. I will have clarity. I will have justice. Some day.
I can wait.
I have all the time in existence.
* * *
Dreams. The common assumption is that Daedra do not dream, at least not in the way mortals understand the concept. However, I have been haunted by a single dream occasionally since as far back as I can recall. Recently, that dream has become more insistent, recurring on an almost daily basis. Interestingly, though I have never bowed to a Prince nor walked with a clan, it involves the Princes Vaermina and Peryite. Perhaps the time has come to consult an expert in such matters.
* * *
It seems my dream is not unique. Both Vaermina and Peryite have experienced a version of it, though not as often or as strongly as I have. Nor with as much detail. But not even the Prince of Dreams and Nightmares could help me understand what it meant or recover more than a tiny fraction of what I now perceive to be a memory.
In it, I witness Vaermina and Peryite engaged in a heated argument with another powerful entity before a grand statue of the Prince of Dreams. Then the statue explodes and I see that the other entity is Hermaeus Mora, the Prince of Secrets. Suddenly I understand. This happened. And when it happened, something important was taken from us. A memory that I must restore, no matter the effort, no matter the cost.
* * *
Multiple plans are now in motion, orchestrated by me and a few trusted allies. Vaermina and Peryite, furious with Mora, have agreed to assist me. And I have secured mortal help as well, including a Telvanni master. We will breach the vaults of Apocrypha. We will unlock the secrets of the Prince of Forbidden Knowledge. And we will restore that which was stolen from us.
On this I pledge my immortal existence.

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