Nilata Search Plan

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

I shall need the following if my scheme is to succeed:

1. A detailed Ayleid Grimoire addressing transliminal matters and issues of cross-planar conjunction—look for titles featuring words such as Alasilagea (vision-lore), Ceyemeratu (shadow-music), Goriarcan (secret-magic), Heculmora (outcast-Daedra), and Silatarn (shining-portal). There must be one or two books in this Librarium that will serve.

2. Laboratorical Equipment such as Alembics, Cauldrons, Vials, et cetera. Can't have too many.

3. A Focal Brazier large and potent enough to anchor the Thaumaturgical Fetters.

Then I'll just need to conjure some common Dremora Churls to do the menial work. I can use the Codicil of Longueur to keep them on this plane indefinitely—if I can just remember where I put that scroll.

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