Letter to Sonya

Released In:
Author (in-game): Hadmal


I don’t know why I continue to leave you these notes. You and the children have been gone for more than ten years now. Perhaps they make me feel better. Make me believe that what I did wasn’t awful. That what I did was necessary.

You changed so much. Became a different person. But I’ll always remember the woman I loved. The woman who gave me three beautiful daughters. That’s the woman I’ll always hold in my heart.

But when you met that man, the stranger from that cult, you changed. You brought our children into it when I was away. You corrupted them!

I’ll never forgive you for that. But I’ll never stop loving you, either. I enlisted in King Jorunn’s army, stationed at Jorunn’s Stand. The King needs us now. Especially with the threat his brother Fildgor and the Orcs pose to the land. I’ll travel with him until, well, until I’m struck down in battle or this war ends. I hope to become one of the King’s honor guard.

Perhaps when we meet in Sovngarde, you’ll be the woman I first fell in love with again. Not the woman who embraced dark magic. Not the woman I had to kill.


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