Letter to the Icereach Coven

Released In:
Author (in-game): R

Sisters of Icereach,

It pleases me to hear that you have accepted my offer. You do your ancient sisterhood credit by showing such clarity of vision. A prince is often judged by the company he keeps, and in you I find kindred spirits, willing to press their shoulders to the plow in pursuit of a greater world.

My vassal assures me that he delivered all the reagents you requested. Should this ritual prove too difficult, I trust that you will notify me in short order. Our moment draws near. Even now, wheels are in motion that cannot be halted. Much will depend on your speed and precision.

Some of you may have misgivings about our arrangement. Know this, sisters: I always honor my word. Deliver on your promise, and I vow in blood to do the same. Fail to honor our terms, and I will paint the walls of your keep red with the viscera of your fallen servants. This I swear.

I look forward to seeing the results of your ritual. Soon, we will bring the Nords to heel, and all that you lost shall be restored.


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