J’daththarr’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): J'daththarr


I couldn’t stay here any longer. We aren’t the only refugees here in Senchal, and you know I’ve never been good with crowds. I need my space. I feel crushed here amid all the people needing food. Needing clean water. Needing clothes. Needing. So much needing. I know you call me overly sensitive, but it’s more an overabundance of empathy. How can I not give the food I found to someone else who needs it more? I’ve already lost so much weight since this started, and it’s only going to get worse because I can’t live with this continual guilt of eating when others go without. Do I need this sustenance more than these people who just came into the city? Than the ones who barely survived a Dragon attack? I can’t keep food down when these are my constant thoughts. The pressure to help others at my own expense, while the pure overwhelming sense of everyone needing so much is going to kill me. So, I must leave.

I’m heading north to Rimmen. From there, I don’t know where I’ll end up. Perhaps Summerset via another port town, though I know the High-Elves will do me no favors. At the same time, being surrounded by their chilly hauteur might be soothing for a bit until the lack of empathy finally grates too much.

You know I have a strong sword arm and a way with bows, so I’ll make the journey safely. Then I’ll write. I promise. As for you, perhaps you’re correct to join those fighting against the Dragons. Best of luck with that. Bring them all down if you can. I have no love for those creatures, as they bring nothing but destruction with them.

With love,

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