Letter to Mylenne

Released In:
Author (in-game): Vykosa the Ascendant


Never lose faith in what we have worked so hard to achieve. The pack has grown larger than this one could have ever dreamed. Stronger. In the many years Vykosa has lived, never has she been more proud, more sure of her success.

For too long we have been hunted, killed. Slaughtered like animals by the very warriors who declare themselves heroes. And for too long we’ve simply ran. Now is the time to strike back.

Our pack grows more powerful with each passing moon. We’ve gathered allies. We’ve strengthened those within our ranks. And the result is an army that will make all of Tamriel tremble.

No longer shall we hide within the shadows, fearing those who dare hunt us. We shall rise up! We shall take control! And if any refuse to join us? They shall fall to our claws.

The final steps are almost at hand, Mylenne. Continue to have faith, and you shall be well rewarded. This one swears it.

-Vykosa the Ascendant

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