Robhir’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Robhir

Dearest Rowina,

The days are gray while I am away from your side. All I need to do is deliver an odd planestone into the keeping of Nass, Madam Whim’s assistant, and all will be well. I will have a pact and we can begin our lives together in Fargrave.

I should explain this better. My dearest, I have entered a contract with a Daedra named Madam Whim. She and her associates pay good coin for certain items to be brought to them.

You know that I have longed to join the Gleaners of Arubis, and even though my skill level does not allow me access into that esteemed group, gaining Madam Whim’s favor will surely persuade them to reconsider.

I look forward to being in your arms again.

All my love,

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