A Death Desired

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sorexius Cinna

At last I am here, treading the sacred ground of the Golden Hill. Long have I dreamt of a journey to Sancre Tor; my heart’s desire is granted at last.

To see the place of Reman Cyrodiil’s birth and final rest, to set my feet where he might once have stepped—I will not sully my feelings by attempting to describe them. Glory surrounds me.

My brothers warned that this would be the death of me. Little did they understand my goal. I reached this prominence without attracting the attention of this holy site’s guardians. But now I will invite their notice. A sense of peace emanates from the gravesite below. I long for that peace, have sought it my entire life.

Farewell, Tamriel! I now lay down these ancient bones and join my god in his blessed rest.

— Acolyte Sorexius Cinna

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