Hidden Kindred Instructions

Released In:
Author (in-game): Blightcrown

My fellow kindred,

As the Supreme Plague Master of our glorious order, I command you to follow these instructions to the letter. Bring the Pestilential Lord’s implements to Firewatch and meet me at the harbor. We will complete our journey to Necrom aboard the merchant ship Stormwing.

Make sure the vials containing the holy miasma of disease are sealed tight. It’s important that Peryite’s breath remains undiluted until we share it with the Necropolis’s misguided monks.

I have the robes and cowls you will need in Necrom. I shall pose as a Temple prelate and you will be my attendants. Soon we can search the Necropolis unhindered and find what we seek.

To the glory of Peryite and the Hidden Kindred!


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