Vosh Rakh Orders

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Our agents are in place, having successfully integrated themselves into life in Orsinium so that no one can tell a member of the Vosh Rakh from anyone else in the city. In this way, our ritual masks have served us well.

When the clan chiefs gather to attend the moot, they will have no inkling of the trap they are walking into. We shall fulfill our purpose as Trinimac's holy blade of courage, eliminating the recalcitrant chiefs and finally establishing a truly united Orsimer nation.

The first group of devotees that completes the Gauntlet and passes the final test must be sent to Orsinium immediately. Their mission is simple but vitally important: there are traitors to the city that must be taken into custody at all costs before the moot gets underway. Send a second group after them to serve as support, just in case.

In Trinimac's holy name,
Your beloved leader

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