Report on Operation Siphon

Author: Tanel Dres
Released In:

Councilor Ralds,

Our operation at Ald Isra continues undiscovered. The source of information we established within the Assembly of Masters provides regular updates and passes along private documents. Their value cannot be understated. It is gold well spent.

You requested details about our process for securely exchanging information. Late every Sundas and Middas evening, Tredecim hides a new cache of information among the northern nests of local kagouti. Then we collect the missives from the nests each Morndas and Turdas morning. One would think that a direct aide to a Telvanni master would choose a less odorous place to conduct business, but I cannot disagree with the results.

We remain grateful that Tredecim so willingly provides us information. Whether from arrogance or greed, their loose lips have become a wellspring. The seasons of effort required to acquire an aide of this stature have paid off.

The current phase of our operation should conclude soon, but we will maintain this flow of secrets for future use.

In service to our Great House,

Tanel Dres

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