Egg-Tender’s Unfinished Letter

Author: Anonymous
Released In:


I should have taken you up on your offer, egg-sister. Even that little smudge of a trading post would be a welcome escape from all the fuss at home. Things are more frantic than usual this year and it seems as though all eyes are upon the egg-tenders. I've barely had a minute's peace to think, let alone put quill to paper. Perhaps things will settle down when you return with supplies for the ceremony. I hope you return soon. You know what wonders a sympathetic ear does for my mood. It's not like I can confide in the other egg-tenders.

Mimme is such a gossip she might as well be the tribe herald, and you know how Haxara gets around this time of year. Meena hasn't spoken to me since that night with the golden toad. She has to forgive me eventually.

There's some sort of commotion going on out by the tree-minder's. Let's hope it's not more trouble for me.

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