Letter to the Withered Rose

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lord Quintus Jarol

My dearest Ladia,

How are you, my dear, sweet lady? I do hope business has improved at the Withered Rose. I’ve always enjoyed my dalliances at your delightful little hostel, but I understand travel has been diminished through our region of late. It must pain you not to have the number of visitors that once filled your humble home.

But worry not! I am a man of my word, as I’m sure you know quite well by now. I shall continue to pay you a handsome stipend in exchange for ongoing access to the tunnels that run beneath your fine establishment and lead to the cellars beneath my estate. Who knew that my grandfather and yours once used them to smuggle goods into and out of Anvil? I suppose it’s just good fortune that we decided to carry on the old family business.

And in case you were concerned, I can assure you that I’ve extended my arrangement with the governor and her pirates. The gold will continue to flow – just so long as you keep the tunnels secret and continue to allow my associates to have ready access. Oh, and see what you can do about the spider infestation. The pirates complained after they made the last run.

And do let that lovely daughter of yours know that I was asking about her. Lucinia is growing up to be a most fetching young woman. Who knows? Perhaps we can work out another arrangement regarding her availability in the near future. I think I’d like that.

Lord Quintus Jarol

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