Other Things I Hate

Author: Fancy Nuzbawir
Released In:

-Pickpockets who crouch to pick pockets
-That awful residue left by smoke bombs
-Sloppy killers who don’t clean their knives
-Stupid people with stupid hats
-Stupid people
-Stupid hats
-Thick windpipes that dull your knife
-Pirates in stupid hats
-Pirates in pantaloons
-Chub loon hats
-Chub loons
-Chub loons in stupid hats
-Chub Loons in Pantaloons (unsubtle commentary!)
-The little moon
-Lerisa—not as crafty as she thinks!
-Guards who don’t know how to take a bribe
-Fancy ghosts
-Snide ghosts
-Ghosts who dress better than I do
-Ghosts who have been ghosts longer than they were alive
-Pirate bards
-Pirate bards from Wayrest
-Pirate bards from Wayrest with chub loon hats
-Pirate ghost bards from Wayrest with chub loon hats

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