The King’s Orders

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Beloved Shield-Wives,

Seal all the paths to the moot. We’re about to begin and I don’t want any interruptions.

Once I lock the gate from the throne room, I need you, my beloved and devoted shield-wives, to stand guard and deal with anyone who dares to challenge me. Be especially on guard for the outsider who has betrayed us.

Take care of the outsider, then join the soldiers I already sent to deal with High Priestess Solgra and seal the only remaining path to the moot. Once she is exposed as the Vosh Rakh leader, time will be of the essence.

Soon, the Orsimer will unite under a single banner. The banner of King Kurog and the Orsimer nation. Then we won’t be just the equal of the other nations—we will be their betters.

Remember this day, my beloveds, for we’re about to make history!

Your king

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