Note to Gilbard

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


Delivered ten more black-robed freaks to Betony, Orcs none the wiser. While your coin is good, these folk aren’t.

It’s plain as the nose on your face they’re necromancers. Raising the dead disgusts decent folk, but it excites these buggers. I even heard one boasting about digging up a whole family lost to pox and trotting them around.

I’m as open-minded as the next smuggler, but I do have standards. I’m done after this next batch. I don’t care how good the gold is. These crazies would as soon stick a dagger in your belly as look at you.

Get in touch with Peloquin out of Aldcroft if you want more of them run in. He takes any sort, even these.

Stay safe, my friend.

— Ferrand

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