Testament of Dandera Helas

Released In:

At Mephala’s sacred command, I now record my final testament. The Lady of Whispers calls upon me to surrender myself in her service. Gladly I make a gift of my life to the Dark Queen I have served all of my days.

I am not alone in my sacrifice. With me go priests of Azura and Boethiah, likewise chosen as intermediaries and living vessels for the Princes they serve.

Together we must travel to the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets. A gate to Hermaeus Mora’s realm awaits us there. Willingly we are to yield up our mortal bodies to our Princes so that they may enter into Apocrypha and take secret counsel against the Prince of Paths.

This testament I leave behind in the event our sacrifice fails or is forgotten, There is no place in Nirn the Prince of Paths does not bestride, no choice she cannot undo. Only in the secret heart of Apocrypha can our Princes come together to devise her downfall.

Attend, you who read these words. Should we fail, this is the path you must take.

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