Tutor Riparius’s List

Released In:

Our clannfear are too dull. Fa-Nuit-Hen requests more exciting opponents for their arena challenges.

Dwarven spheres may need to have their components checked for maintenance. I will need to search through preexisting records to see the most efficient way to do this, as Fa-Nuit-Hen does not like to be kept waiting.

Fa-Nuit-Hen would like to see if the ogres can be taught tactics. They have plans for some future ogre battalion which may never come to pass if the ogres cannot learn to hold formation.

I need to remind Fa-Nuit-Hen to clear the Spiral Shadows arena of webbing prior to a challenger entering it. Too many webs have led to the demise of challengers who otherwise seemed promising.

Fa-Nuit-Hen is looking for unused creatia they need to repair the arena challenges. Before I remind them of the Foundation Core, I should check to see if there is enough creatia remaining there. My master did not tell me the extent of the repairs they feel are necessary.

Someone will need to see to it that the water in the cleansing pools within the Hall of Barons is refreshed. The plants produce more pollen than anticipated and the cleansing pools are no longer as pure as they once were. This duty will most likely fall to me.

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