Uluscant’s Manifesto

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Hail, Brave Mer of Bisnensel!

I am proud to announce that the tyrant Laloriaran Dynar has finally abdicated. He and his few followers are already gone from our fair city, no doubt seeking sanctuary among distant kin. Today marks a great new beginning for our people!

You well know that force of arms has failed to preserve Ayleid domains against the rising empire of the slaves. Nor can we put our trust in diplomacy when dealing with those whose hatred for us blinds them to anything but merciless war. We must find another way to preserve the realm of Bisnensel and our very existence in this world: We must put our faith in Hyrma Mora.

The Golden Eye already gave the sacred order of Primal Seeekers the means to depose the tyrant Laloriaran. Now he has made it known to us that he can likewise shield us from the Alessian hordes by concealing Bisnensel within veils of illusion and secrecy. No army that reaches Lake Halcyon’s shores will be able to pierce our defenses or remember their purpose in coming here. Safe within Hyrma Mora’s protection, Bisnensel can preserve all the things that made the Ayleid people great.

The Golden Eye will reward our devotion with security and prosperity. This I promise you, as your high priest.


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