Brief Letter to an Aldarch

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kinlord Astanamo the Penitent


Water is yours to command with this eldritch chalice. It is especially useful when used to honor Anu, who shaped the cosmos in the Dawn Era, and Y’ffre, the Earth Bones.

Scarcely should we credit those who claim we were better off in the time of trading body for root, or root for limb. I, for one, am grateful to wake each day as the same, in both thought and form, as the day preceding.

I digress, as you doubtless recall our history, and this letter—as brief as it may be—is written only to describe the ways of the chalice within the shrine.

Dip the chalice within the shrine’s waters. Pour the water on the unclean to wash away the filth. Visions shall you see, as though impurities are washed from your eyes.

Water from the chalice calms chaos. Drink from it when you feel the stirring deep within you that comes only from consuming improperly prepared food.

Be sure to visit both sides of the shrine.

Please accept the chalice with my appreciation. In the name of Mara, may the blood of life continue to pump within your breast.

— Kinlord Astanamo the Penitent

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