Terari’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Terari

I think he’s wandering to places familiar to him. He’s returned to the site of my first workshop. Where we met. I don’t think he can recognize it in its current disrepair. He’s just wandering and crying out. Lost, alone, and in pain. Bolin, forgive me.

I risked approaching him in a quiet moment, but my presence only seemed to agitate him. He pleaded to know what happened to him, but he grew violent in his distress and his body is frighteningly strong. I fled him, but that only made matters worse. I heard the upset rampage echoing the canyon walls.

It’s hard to sleep here. This used to be a happy place. Our happy home. Now it’s rust and ruin. The laughter we shared here, replaced by the distant weeping of a machine that can’t shed tears.

How long have I been out here now? How many times have I tried to calm that poor broken soul? I can’t take it. But I suppose I deserve this.

I tried to kill him. I just want him to have peace, but I can’t manage it. No matter what I do, I only cause him pain. I must be cursed.

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