Ushutha’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ushutha

My research uncovered an old society of some sort – very secretive – who do a ritual here, every ten years or so, to appease Malacath, or honor him. I could not get much information on them, but I have seen marks of their rites here. These curious door locks are part of it, for they are not part of the original city, near as I can tell.

They are similar, and I suppose the secret group changes the sequence for their rituals, but it clearly has something to do with the clans of Old Orsinium, for the plaques are scattered throughout this ruin. We already tried the same combination as the first gate, but of course it did not work.

My thought is that this gate would have something to do with the eventual fall of this city. Garhek has an old treatise that variously claims that Bagrakh and Igrun had started raiding indiscriminately. But then it contradicts itself, saying one raided, but the rulers of the city refused to curb them and in fact took credit for the acts.

We know they holed up in the old city. How did they eat? I hope more is revealed once we get in. And there is, I believe an old symbol for Clan Farhun. That must be wrong though, I don’t think they were one of the clans in Old Orsinium thousands of years ago.

… I wish Garhek would get back soon. Ever since we lost Mathriga to spider’s poison, I have been questioning our expedition. We should have saved more money and brought hunters or mercenaries to help explore. I should not panic. Not yet.

….. I think that Garhek isn’t coming back. Not because he wouldn’t want to, but because he can’t. I wanted to write the definitive book on the Rise and Fall of Old Orsinium. But this place… I fear I led my friends and myself to a premature end in an old ruin that keeps its secrets

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