Bloody Note [ESO]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Foreman Nox

Don’t let anyone else see this note. Not even our comrades can be trusted.

We’ve got to give this one up. Coin isn’t worth our lives. You haven’t seen it yet. What I’ve seen. But they’re talking about sending us back in to try to deal with the mess, and believe me, they won’t be paying enough for that.

Problem is, Rethan has some real loyalists in our ranks. They’ll kill us if we try to run too early. Got a plan though. Lema is making the squads and planning the route. We’ll get ourselves split from the rest and then make a break for it. If this is as bad as I hear it is, they’ll probably just assume we died and never come looking for us. We can always find work somewhere else.

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