Letter from Vetitia Marcott

Released In:
Author (in-game): Vetitia Marcott

I swear to you, sister, this time is different. That fool Lindres traded access to the funds of an entire merchant house to pay off his debt. We’ve secured a small amount of gold already, enough to contract with the Oathbound Clan for some muscle.

We’re making plans to follow the money back to High Isle. If we can get some boots on the ground in Gonfalon Bay, who knows? Perhaps the Lord and Lady Veloise will meet an untimely end? As I write this, I have but one concern. There’s a waif of a thing, some minor noble woman from High Isle, sniffing around our business. She’ll be dealt with, worry not.

We have waited so long for this moment, my dear. Keep your head down and my next letter will be sealed with gold!

With deepest affection,

Vetitia Marcott

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