Letter to Sentulus

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nightcaller Chartrand

Chartrand Sentulus,

Over the years, I have recruited dozens to the ranks of the Supernal Dreamers, but none of my recruits have made me nearly so proud as you have. The experiment in Koeglin Village appears to have met with significant success. Your work there has inspired us all and indeed caught the attention of our divine mistress. Vaermina has sent some of her most potent minions to help spread our influence in Stormhaven. Powerful Daedra known as “Omens” are working behind the scenes in places of power across this kingdom to mimic your achievement. With their aid, we will ensure that the Daggerfall Covenant is plunged into a nightmare from whence it will not be able to return.

The task with which you have now been charged is unchanged, but no less critical. We will need hordes of scamps, clannfear, and Dremora to plague these lands and perpetuate the waking nightmare our mistress has envisioned. Make efforts to recruit local citizens to our cause. If they will not join us, they may be used as vessels or blood sacrifices to aid in the summoning of Daedra.

In Vaermina’s dark name,
Nightcaller Chartrand

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