Razak’s Secret Mastery

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Razak was beyond brilliant. Gaining control of his devices is proving difficult. I’m convinced the information we need is locked within the vault. The trouble is getting inside.

The inventor held teaching and learning as sacred. His focus on humility, diligence, respite, and the recording of one’s experiences is not so different from formalized Imperial schooling today.

We’ve already found three pass phrases etched on ancient relics. The constructs thwart our efforts to find the fourth. They’ll need to be recited aloud in the proper order to unlock the vault.

We’re so close!

We have discovered the order to recite the phrases: Pledge, Logic, Boundary, Humility. Only the Boundary phrase remains to be found. Then the secrets of Razak’s mastery will be ours!

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