Devotee Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Today I begin my pilgrimage to Molag Mar! I'm eager to see this new temple for myself. I hear they built it on the water. Perhaps it floats! Once one has glimpsed Baar Dau, the idea hardly seems farfetched.

The Buoyant Armigers are a sight to see. Their numbers patrol many of the paths of pilgrimage and they always seem to have something of a spring in their step. Their songs and swords are a comfort for any otherwise inhospitable road.

It doesn't float, but that doesn't make Molag Mar any less marvelous! This will be a wonderful place to recuperate and prepare for the journey to Mount Kand. But first, I must offer my devotions to the Three at the temple.

I've seen fewer of the Buoyant Armigers around in the last day or so. Gone off to mind the roads, I suppose. When I asked their senior here when I might find an escort on my journey, she frowned. Some incident at the glass mine has them busy. She claims no one can be spared.

I've waited long enough. The Armigers may be busy, but I'm sure their presence here has made the wilderness a little tamer. Tomorrow morning I'll continue my journey!

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