Artisan’s Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Nearly done with this job. I'll be glad to be quit of this place, though the work was interesting and the pay was good. Still, the leader, priest, whatever they call him makes me nervous. Has a strange look about him. And with any client, I had to tread carefully with their demands against what can actually be accomplished in stone.

At the eleventh hour, they demanded these four smaller versions of the story panels. At least I was able to convince them to just use one interesting aspect of each story frieze. They are making some sort of clever lock. Dwarven nonsense, if you ask me, with weights and buttons or whatever it is they are creating.

One of the workers they assigned me, a young woman, shows a decided talent for stone-carving. I would take her on as an apprentice, but this group of nords seems very close-knit. I am not sure how that would be received.

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