Sir Hughes’ Journal

Author: Sir Hughes
Released In:

9th of First Seed

This is the third week of these nightmares: visions of Alcaire Castle burning, riots led by one of our own, a face so familiar, but I can't see it clearly. I know this will happen if I don't do something.

By the gods, am I a prophet now? I must be mad.

23rd of First Seed

I recognized the face in my dreams, the one who leads Alcaire Castle to ruin. It's the duke's new wife, Lakana. She will eventually betray us. I know this now.

24th of First Seed

I have to stop this nightmare from coming true. I've asked Dame Falhut to deal with the duchess, but even she seems to have doubts. If she could only see what I've seen!

29th of First Seed

Falhut botched the job and killed the poor food taster. I can't trust her. Too many innocents could get hurt. Only Lakana should die.

2nd of Rain's Hand

King Fahara'jhad has sent an army to our gates. My dream is coming true. By the Eight, we have to find a way to stop this!

10th of Rain's Hand

It's all clear to me now. The vision is a sign for me and me alone. I must do this myself.

Divines forgive me, but this is for all of Alcaire ….

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