Confessions of a Bold Alchemist

Author: Alchemist Aleeto
Released In:

I confess it. I'm an alchemist. I love to mix things together to see what happens. The mystery and magic of the alchemical process fascinates me. On the one hand, it's acutely precise, with weights and measures that must be painstakingly adhered to. On the other hand, it's wildly impromptu, with plenty of room for spontaneity and impulsiveness. Indeed, some of the biggest alchemical breakthroughs must be attributed to aggressive leaps of faith and logic.

And I confess: I love adventure. I like to explore caves and dark swamps in search of alchemical reagents, and I enjoy experimenting with mixtures and concoctions until something explodes. In fact, the more risky or unexpected the undertaking, the more I enjoy the experience. I find such exploits … exhilarating!

Does this juxtaposition make me special? Brave? Just plain strange? I'm certainly not a frail, scholarly professor, hidden away in my secret laboratory and toiling away at my experiments. But you be the judge. Let me tell you about one of my recent adventures. It happened exactly as I shall describe. More or less.

I was deep in the wilds of Eastmarch, looking for Old Sord's Cave, when a customer entered my alchemy shop.

Blast it! An actual customer! And look what I did. I'll have to finish this later ….

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