Unsent Letter

Author: Battle-Mage Jano Invel
Released In:

To the Honorable Commandant Aquila Peltrasius

16 Sun's Dawn, 2E 562

Dear Sir,

I regret to inform you that I must delay (or otherwise revise) the protective ritual we discussed last Tirdas. An essential contributing party—the Battle-Mage Honoria Garrana—deserted last night. Had she left unencumbered, I might have been able to find a mage of comparable skill to complete the ritual without her. Alas, she took the primary reagent with her, leaving us in dire straits indeed. I formally request that a tribunal be convened to discuss this treachery and devise an appropriate punishment for Garrana, should she be found.

I place my hand upon the Diamond and swear to you that I will make every effort to perform the ritual, despite this hardship. I would be remiss if I did not reiterate my admonition from before; certain aspects of this spell teeter on the brink of necromantic practice. Magic that influences or otherwise alters the soul always carries risk. But, as we discussed, the threat of Knahaten infection, by my estimation, poses a far greater threat to the academy's students and faculty. Conducting the ritual without Garrana's reagent poses a higher risk of failure, but we must take action, lest the fate of Centurion Vitulasius spread to other occupants of the academy.

May the Eight bless this endeavor and our beloved Empire.

Your servant,
Battle-Mage Jano Invel

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