An “Invitation” to Discovery

Released In:
Author (in-game): Birer Salen

Greetings, slaves!

Unlike my short-sighted Telvanni compatriots, I understand the true value of compulsory labor. Don’t worry. I won’t have you scraping eggs off a cavern floor like everyday drudges. Leave that to other, less talented drudges! No, my beshackled friends—by displaying basic reasoning skills and only a mild interest in talking trees, you’ve earned the right to aid the Telvanni in the glorious future of magical practice! Think of yourselves as explorers, dancing down the bleeding edge of arcane discovery! I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that these exercises will be incredibly dangerous, but take solace in the fact that, as slaves, your objections wouldn’t matter anyway. The burden of choice has been removed. Bully for you!

Our first experiment involves the application of highly corrosive spores to the skin. Don’t worry. We won’t just slather them on your scales like common hedge mages. We’ve managed to combine them with a potent stabilizing agent that could grant the user vastly enhanced stamina and improved resistance to heat! There is a chance (albeit a remote one) that even minor exertion could cause your lungs to spontaneously erupt in flame, but I’m counting on your bizarre lizard physiology to withstand the effects. (I am assuming you have lungs. I must remember to do a thorough search of the Argonian chest cavity at the next opportunity.) Volunteers will be richly compensated with reduced lashings and an extra portion of whatever gray slime your overseers make you eat.

Here’s to the future that some of you might be lucky enough to see!

Most Sincerely,
Birer Salen, Oathman of the Telvanni

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