So Much Wasted Potential

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Venturing into the shallows proves worth the risk. The other tribes are plentiful breeders, though the Dead-Water squander their future in foolish trials. We will gladly have their failed warriors, should the opportunity arise to gather them.

Most of the tribes appear ill-prepared for egg snatching, except for the Black-Tongues and the Bright-Throats. Both watch their eggs with unblinking eyes. I see much potential for them both despite the challenges.

We have been unable to steal any of the Black-Tongue's egg-brews directly, but we have learned much through observation. I look forward to testing the limits of their methods on the development of eggs.

I approached the Bright-Throat I've been watching for months now. Her name is Haxara, and she is more naive and trusting than I had ever imagined. The scent of desperation never fails to lead to opportunity.

It wasn't hard to convince Haxara to help me acquire her tribe's unneeded eggs. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether the fool is capable of taking them unnoticed. Her failure would be a major setback.

The Hist favors my course. Haxara has been able to relieve the uxith of eggs without incident on several occasions. They are remarkable specimens in spite of their flaws. With a steady supply of these eggs I can take more risks with my approach.

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