Overdreamer Chartrand’s Orders

Released In:
Author (in-game): Overdreamer Chartrand

Fellow Dreamers,

I want to remind you all of the importance of exercising caution and good judgment in maintaining security at our encampments in Gavaudon. Because of sloppy behaviors among our colleagues in Menevia and Alcaire, we now have a sect of Azura’s followers actively working against us, aided by a representative of King Emeric, whom we hoped would not learn of our presence for some time yet.

Due to this situation, our timeline must be accelerated. We must work quickly and efficiently, but also intelligently. Perform the tasks you have been assigned and take precautions to ensure these newly emerged enemies do not get the opportunity to intervene.

On the positive side, we have succeeded in destroying Azura’s shrine at the Weeping Giant, and I have now come here to Aphren’s Hold where we will find more relics to aid in our cause. Follow my example. We conducted careful research and reconnaissance before coming here to ensure that our encampment will be secure and our objectives will be achieved. You should do the same.

Now, more than ever, our Mistress looks to us to stay strong, be ever-vigilant, and to assert her will. I hope you prove to be up to the challenge and I hope to see you all soon in Wayrest.

Supernally Yours,
Overdreamer Chartrand

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