Letter to Sybilline Elve

Author: Meluse Scribonia
Released In:

Sybilline, my dear friend! Did you misplace my previous letters? No matter, I shall reiterate.

The Scribonias were once the most powerful family of the Gold Coast. Our ancestral home was the talk of every quarter in the Imperial City. Many an Emperor visited our estate and rode through our lush and unspoiled lands. Our loyalty to Imperial rule was never questioned. When my mother threw in her lot with Varen Aquilarios, she did so absolutely. The very stone of our own estate helped form Varen's Wall.

But as Varen's fortunes fell, so did those of the Scribonias. We find ourselves with little gold to our name. As you well know, gold must be spent to acquire more gold. A simple loan of 50,000 crowns would do well to restore us to our rightful place, and you are the moneylender upon whom I count to do so. I eagerly await your response!

Your dear friend,
—Meluse Scribonia

PS: It is true I have spent much time at the arena in Kvatch. I assure you this is entirely for the thrill of the sport, and has nothing to do with the gambling.

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