Astia’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Astia

I’ve studied countless servants of Molag Bal, but the circumstances surrounding Legion Zero are truly unique. Most of my instruments were lost during the initial attack, so I’m left to fumble around with scavenged mortars and alembics. I’d like to think that shoddy materials have influenced my findings, because they are remarkably grim.

So far I’ve found no signs of mind-control in my Legion Zero autopsies. I was certain that there was some kind of Daedric corruption influencing their actions—but so far as I can tell, these legionaries were in full control of their faculties. I am forced to conclude that this was a genuine insurrection—painstakingly planned and flawlessly executed. The blue luminescence in their eyes and extremities is related to their increased strength and speed, but it does not appear to have any cognitive effect.

I have no idea how I’m going to break this to the General. Pollius is a master tactician and an inspiring leader, but his dedication to the soldiers has always trumped his dedication to the Empire. He cares for them like a father cares for his children. The truth of their betrayal will kill him. Akatosh help me.

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