Letter from Baron Materre

Released In:
Author (in-game): Baron Marette

Son, My agents in Windhelm inform me that King Jorunn has dispatched a trading party to Orsinium. They could reach the Orc city before you. Loathe as I am to allow those Pact skeevers to secure the trading rights that High-King Emeric so desperately wants, I would rather deal with Nords than with those green beasts of Wrothgar. Those of us among the true Breton aristocracy have to wonder what Emeric is really up to, what with his Covenant and other plans. Your wife is a lovely woman, to be sure, but her politics make her place the interests of savages ahead of true Bretons. You need to help her chose the correct path, son. True Bretons know that Wrothgar should be under Breton rule, not awarded to the Orcs. I know you worry, but if you keep your own counsel and listen to your father, everything will work out.

Your father, Baron Materre

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