Narsis Dren and the Lost Notebook

Author: Narsis Dren
Released In:

If you find this notebook, then I have indeed misplaced it. Again. Know that this notebook belongs to the famous treasure hunter and dungeon-delver, Narsis Dren. If you would be so kind, the next time you happen to be in Mournhold, please drop it off with the proprietor of the Flaming Netch cornerclub. He will make sure it gets back to me, no matter where my next adventure happens to take me.

So here I am, forced to create my own record of the adventure I am tentatively referring to as "Narsis Dren and the Lost Barrow," because my scribe and apprentice has decided to wait outside. To be fair, I told her to remain at our camp, but that's rarely stopped her from following me before. Now she decides to listen to me! Ah well. I've recorded my own thoughts before. Back before I became the famous and beloved explorer I am today. It might even be fun!

* * *
I've been wandering around in this damn barrow for hours! I've seen all kinds of interesting, old Nord relics, and the place is just filled with crypts and stone coffins, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of the real prize I expect to find in this barrow—a dragon priest mask! From the evidence I've been able to examine, I'm certain that a dragon priest is somehow associated with this misplaced burial pit. After all, why else would the Nords build this place so far from their beloved Skyrim? I need to search a bit more before I call it a day.

* * *
Well, that was unexpected. I'm not exactly sure what I touched, but I must have done something. The Nord dead have started to wake up! They're draugr! And do you know how much I hate draugr? Well, I really do hate them! I need to get out of here and figure out a new strategy. And I guess I should warn the nearby village. Just to be polite.

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