Valeric’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Valeric

My companions have been taking their lessons to heart. There hasn’t been an incident in more than three cycles of the moons. Jaruk has his cats and his music, and that seems to help keep his beast at bay. Rala, however, makes me nervous. She hasn’t done anything overtly reckless, but I know that the bloodlust calls to her.

All I can do is continue to teach and counsel her. I must give her other things to dwell upon. I believe in her. I know she will maintain the course I have set her upon. She must.

Father’s evil grows more vile and sinister every day. Now he’s creating an army of nearly mindless blood thralls to do his bidding. I can see them prowling by the springs outside my window! The man knows no bounds.

What is he planning? There really is only one reason to build an army. Does he truly think to challenge the Skald King? Can I allow that to happen? No, but neither I nor my companions have the power to stop my father.
I truly do not know what to do.

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