Diary of a Romance

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

4 Rain’s Hand:

I heard a voice last night, a voice that softly strummed the very strings of my soul. He loves pumpkin pie. He was kind enough to visit my cottage. Such a rare talent!

17 Rain’s Hand:

One day he said he loved me, that he wanted to stay with me in my cottage forever. The next day he told me he had to get back to his life on the road, that he couldn’t bear it unless he played in front of new faces each night.

19 Rain’s Hand:

An idea strikes me. I will get him those faces, and he will play for me forever.

20 Rain’s Hand:

The flesh was starting to decay in a most unpleasant way, so I removed it. Hopefully the incense will cover any lingering stench. The show must go on.

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