Notice: Pledge Duties

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Attention, you drunken louts.

The task of remembering who offers the pledges for some of your favored stomping grounds has proven more difficult than the butchery and looting you do there. If you find yourself confused by intoxication or a head wound, the pledge givers and their responsibilities will now be outlined here.

Maj al-Ragath:

Banished Cells
Darkshade Caverns
Elden Hollow
Fungal Grotto
Wayrest Sewers

Glirion the Redbeard:

Arx Corinium
Blackheart Haven
Blessed Crucible
City of Ash
Crypt of Hearts
Direfrost Keep
Selene’s Web
Tempest Island
Vaults of Madness

Urgarlag Chief-bane:

Cradle of Shadows
Imperial City Prison
Ruins of Mazzatun
White-Gold Tower
Bloodroot Forge
Falkreath Hold
Fang Lair
Scalecaller Peak

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