Kotholl’s Contract

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dirngar Hlaalu

To the House Hlaalu Recorder,

This contract serves as a binding agreement of services between the merchants of the Obsidian Gorge and Kotholl Ironfist, in which Kotholl Ironfist pledges to protect said merchants, travelers, and House Officials for the duration of said contract.

Pledgee promises to patrol the grounds for signs of the unjust, escort travelers through the pass as required, and defend all representatives of House Hlaalu and their possessions, even at the cost of his own life (if absolutely necessary).

This contract shall be in effect for a total of thirty days. Upon completion of said contract, pledgee will be rewarded with a lump sum of gold, as agreed to under separate letter of employment. Renewal of this contract is possible, pending a performance review by House Hlaalu and agreement of all concerned parties.

— Dirngar Hlaalu

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