Keeper’s Farewell Letter

Author: Temeye
Released In:

Dearest Caylan,

I grow old, my love. So, so old. The pain in my side worsens with each passing day—it won’t be long before I join you in Aetherius.

Funny. I’ve written you every day since you passed. It always dulled the pain. And now, as I stand on the threshold of death, just a heartbeat away from our reunion, I find myself racked with worry. I’ve sent countless letters to our family on Balfiera Isle, but haven’t received a single reply. I fear that I may be the last Keeper of the acropolis. With me dead, who will kindle the fires below? Who will keep the forsaken one in her tomb? Everyday I feel her growing stronger—scraping at the lid of her sarcophagus, yearning to be free. Someone must come. Someone must maintain the fires. We cannot allow her to go free.

But I ramble. Rest well, my love. I will be with you soon.

Your loving wife,

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