Ice-Heart’s Journal

Author: Urfon Ice-Heart
Released In:

The siege continues, damn Kurog and damn his army of filthy Orcs!

My Winterborn were actually making progress before the so-called king of the pig children returned from his travels abroad and began organizing the Orc clans. Suddenly my warlords were being hunted down and killed in droves, my bands of warriors scattered to the four winds. But we’re going to weather this siege, mark my words!

This old Breton fort is a gods’ send. The stupid pig children will never breach its walls-let alone make it past the harpies. I love to watch the harpies swoop down and snatch an unsuspecting Orc. It’s almost as much fun as freezing Orcs solid just so I can hear the ice shatter when I smash them into bits. It’s a wonder, though, that the Bretons weren’t able to pacify this land with construction such as this. They must be even more stupid than the pig children!

More supplies arrive every day to bolster our stores. Stupid pig children! Every caravan they try to bring into Wrothgar becomes a general store for my Winterborn – a store where we can take what we want and never worry about making a payment! Of course, the outsiders that Kurog summoned have been somewhat troublesome. In the end, it won’t make a difference. We’ll kill them as fast as they arrive!

The hagravens continue to perfect the process for growing briar hearts and using them to create briar-heart warriors. The tree is an impressive piece of magic, especially considering the hagravens thought of it. But I never turn down a good idea, no matter where it may originate. Thanks to the briar hearts, my warriors will never die. And that’s why Urfon Ice-Heart will win this war. That’s why the Winterborn will be victorious!

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