Senan’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Senan

Damn Nathari! She promised that we’d each have a choice to make here, but the moment some chose to live instead of die, she set the others upon us. The wound I took, it will be the end of me. At least I got away.

Nathari has convinced the rest of the clan that dying as a sacrifice will allow them to live forever. But I know the truth. This ritual of hers is about power, and in the end, she’ll be the only one left to claim the prize.

I hear chanting below from the Dark Descent. The sacrifices begin soon. I don’t know which is worse, dying here alone or being thrown into that horrible pit with the others. Funny, Bradan always told me that learning to write was a waste of my time. At least it gave me something to do as my blood ran from my body.

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