Kireth’s Taarengrav Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kireth Vanos


Your insistence on ignoring basic research continues to astonish me, dear brother. Look, you know what a dragon priest is? Right? Centuries ago, the Nords worshiped dragons as living gods. The most devout were elevated by the magic of the Dovah.

These shrines were everywhere. Now only a handful remain, most buried. Some may never be seen again. These ruins have a reputation for being draugr-haunted deathtraps, and they mostly are. But Taarengrav represents a unique opportunity to study this people’s past.

Here we’ve already seen evidence of how they lived as they built idols to their gods. We’ve found some of their children’s stories and toys. Small carved dragons, with writings in the dragon tongue etched in their side.

Little blocks with notches, to teach children the names of dragons almost before they knew their parents’ names

So stop complaining about how nice and warm the steam tunnels in Dwemer ruins are! You drive me mad.

— Kireth

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