Raynor’s Travel Diary

Author: Raynor
Released In:

Kireth says I should keep a journal. I'm not good at writing. She always takes better notes than I do.

The Dwemer seem to use soul gems to power their constructs. Where did they get all of the souls for it? Bears further research. Might be able to use them to power more mundane things. Magical housecleaning for everyone? Why not?

(Raynor, you're supposed to use this for your personal thoughts, not more research notes. —K)

Kireth, those WERE my personal thoughts. Already said I'm bad at this. Have heard there are classes on writing at Shad Astula. Not a high aspiration, but useful. Have to refocus on admission.

—7 Evening Star

Trying to date these. Apparently helps with organization. Can't remember the previous dates, will just leave blank.

Working on invisibility device. Really just a stored spell, like a scroll or enchantment, nothing fancy. Difficult part is casting and uncasting. Is uncasting a word? Dispel maybe? Don't want to confuse my terms.

—22 Evening Star

Travel is boring. Too bumpy to work on research, too little to do to stay engaged. Writing again to see if it helps. Probably won't. Kireth seems to be writing without a problem. Must be nice.

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